Thursday, December 22, 2011

Flipside Publishing Call for Submission

Submission Guidelines

Flipside Novel Submission Guidelines

You can email your submissions to However, before you submit, read the guidelines below.

How to Submit

Email us at the above address.
In your subject line, indicate if it is for Flipside Flames, Flipside Flavors, or FSSF.
Please follow our General Requirements.
We prefer submissions from Asian authors but submissions are open to anyone.
In the body of your email, include your name, contact information, and a brief author bio.
See below for specific requirements unique to the imprint (Romance, Erotica, or Speculative Fiction) you are submitting to.
We do not accept simultaneous submissions.

General Requirements

Submissions must be in English.
Submissions should be in Manuscript Format.
We accept RTF and DOC files. Do not submit in any other file format.
In your submission, please include your query letter, a one-page synopsis of your novel, and the first three chapters of your book. Do not send us the entire manuscript.
The book need not be complete when you make your initial submission but should be complete before we finalize acceptance.
All material must be the author’s own original work and s/he must own the electronic publishing rights.
We accept reprints.

Flipside FLAMES (Romance)

We’re looking for single-title romance novels with a substantial storyline that focuses on the fantasy of true love. The story must feature and develop a central romantic relationship between two complex characters. These characters do not have to end up together by the close of the story, but the novel has to end on an optimistic and emotionally satisfying note. Sex is okay but we prefer that it be hinted at rather than described. No graphic or vulgar description, please—we prefer sexual spark from emotional close-ups and subtle but meaningful gestures rather than from detailed accounts of penetration. The conquest here is not for the climax but for the heart.

Works should have a length of 25,000 – 30,000 words. We are looking for Contemporary Romance (CR), Historical Romance (HR), and Paranormal Romance (PNR) novels. For a clearer definition of these subgenres, you can check the definitions presented in the Romance Writers of America website.

Flipside FLAVORS (Erotica)

We’re looking for single-title erotic novels with well-drawn characters and a substantial storyline that focuses on sexual desire and dynamics. We recognize the wild complexity of the erotic imagination and welcome the relation of various kinks, but they must turn us on, not gross us out. We want sex—lots of it, in fact—but not sex for sex’s sake. We seek sensuality—vivid description and psychosexual insight are appreciated; mechanical accounts listing positions, the number of repetitions, sequence, and the various euphemisms for the word “cock,” not so much.

Works should have a length of 25,000 – 30,000 words. We are open to erotica that caters to men, women, and/or LGBT.

FSSF (Flipside SpecFic)

We’re looking for novels that contain strong elements or sensibilities of science fiction, fantasy, horror, magic realism, alternate history, folklore, superheroes, slipstream, or related nonrealist genres and subgenres. We welcome both traditional narratives and works that play with form. While we appreciate literary and philosophical depth, formal inventiveness, and social critique, we do not want to be bored, boggled beyond cognition, or preached to.

Works should have a length of 40,000 – 60,000 words.

Compensation and Rights

We offer a PhP10,000 (roughly US$240.00) advance against royalties for works we accept.
We claim exclusive, first, world electronic publishing rights for seven years, subject to renewal.
Further details about compensation and rights will be included in the contract.

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