Tuesday, November 22, 2011

IP Made E-Z held in FEU with Super Pop Star Writer Eros Atalia

IP Made E-Z was held at the University Conference Center, G/F Institute of Arts and Sciences Building, Far Eastern University, Manila last 17 August 2011 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

More than one hundred individuals graced the event. Some were FEU faculty members and some were students coming from Literature, Math, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Political Science, Education, Medical Technology, Communication and Psychology courses. Writers from the FEU Advocates and a representative from the FEU Publishing Office were also present.

The event started with the National Anthem and a prayer.

Then Professor Martin Lopez, the Executive Director, Office of the President's Committee on Culture, formally welcomed everyone to the event.

Alvin Buenaventura, the executive director of FILCOLS, talked about the basics of intellectual property and copyright. He also explained the connection of IP to the Philippine economics, education and academic publishing.

He tackled everything in conversational Filipino to make intellectual property concepts and issues less agonizing and intimidating for the Filipino students. He inserted some anecdotes and jokes to generate more interest from the audience which in turn had fun listening to even the most difficult concepts in Intellectual Property.

Then the host introduced Eros Atalia, writer from the Visprint Publishing (and numerous publishing houses). He wrote the best-selling novel Ligo na U, Lapit na Me where the people’s favourite Cinemalaya 2011 movie with the same title was based. Atalia presented writing from the point of view of the creator. He also talked about the seriousness of writing about humor. he emphasized that it’s more difficult to make people laugh than the other way around. He also invited everyone to buy his next book “Kung Bakit Hindi pa Tayo Sasakupin ng mga Alien sa 2012” from Visprint.

After Atalia’s laughter-filled presentation came the question and answer portion for both of the speakers.

There were not enough time to tackle all of the questions from the audience. Buenaventura invited everyone to send queries to FILCOLS through filcols@gmail.com.

Prof. Joeven Castro, Associate Professor from the Communications Department and Head of the Research Cluster acknowledged the individuals and the offices that made the event possible: FEU Advocates, Communications Department and the Office of the President's Committee on Culture of FEU, FILCOLS, Visprint Publishing and IPOPHL.

FILCOLS’ IP made E-Z, formerly named IP in the Age of Jejemon, is organized in coordination with Visprint Publishing through Nida Ramirez-Gatuz and Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines through its Director General Atty. Ricardo Blancaflor and Atty. Louie Andrew Calvario.

IP Made E-Z aims to raise the students’ awareness on IP and copyright and to help them gain more knowledge about what they can do for the country through respect for IP. The first lectures were held in University of Santo Tomas, Ateneo de Naga University, Global City Innovative College in Taguig and De La Salle Lipa.

FILCOLS receives support from the Norwegian Copyright Development Association (NORCODE) and Kopinor. NORCODE is an international copyright development group funded by five copyright societies namely KOPINOR, GRAMO, TONO, BONO and NORWACO. KOPINOR is the reproduction rights (RRO) of Norway while FILCOLS is the RRO of the Philippines.

FILCOLS encourage the heads of the universities and colleges to hold similar events in their respective campuses. The activity will help develop more responsible members of the academe, students, professors, scholars and writers.

FILCOLS is open to invitations and proposals in and outside of Metro Manila. Send queries to filcols@gmail.com.

Written by Beverly Siy. You are welcome to repost or include this in any publication provided that the writer/copyright owner gets credit.

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