Saturday, October 22, 2011

Model template for permission request letter

[Name of right holder]

[Address of right holder]


Dear [name of right holder]:

I am [short description of yourself such as a “student” or “researcher”] currently
working on [short description of your project such as “school play” or
“selecting examples of works for an art website project” ].

I understand that you [title of the work you want to use, include ISBN number or URL link if available] and would like to request your permission to[description of how you want to use the work – for example: perform, copy, upload on WebPage,translate, etc.] this work. [ Include more information on how the work would be used. For example, when you plan to perform the work and who would attend the performance; how many copies of the work you wish to make and to whom those copies would be distributed; who has access to the WebPage onto which you would like to upload the work; whether you plan to charge a fee for the performance, copies, use of the website; etc.]. My deadline for the completion of this project is [date by which you need a reply from the right holder].

Please reply to me at the address below if you agree to grant permission for the above-mentioned use of your work. If you are not the only right holder of this work, please inform me who else I should contact for this permission request. Also, do let me know if you have any preference on how I should credit your work.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration of this request.

[Your name]
[Contact details including mailing address and email address]

This letter was copied from the free publication of WIPO that can be found here

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