Monday, March 14, 2011


FILCOLS Member NICOLAS B. PICHAY, writer, lawyer, recipient of the Palanca Hall of Fame for having won at least 5 First Prizes in the yearly literary contest, and newly-arrived from New York where he spent six months on a Theatre Grant provided by the Asian Cultural Council, announces the 3-n-1/ 10-10-10: Writing-on-Site Workshop for Stage, TV, and Film as he invites ten (10) writers, to take an exciting writing journey with him for ten (10) consecutive Saturdays, learning, re-discovering, re-enforcing and discussing dramatic writing for Stage, TV, and Film with a registration fee of —you guessed it—ten (10) thousand pesos.

Unlike other technical writing workshops that are heavy on theoreticals, 3-N-1/ 10-10-10 is process and technique oriented. The syllabus is designed to tap into the creative aspect of the writer’s subconsicous as well as to develop the formal skills needed to improve one’s command of the dramatic narrative structure. The workshop is designed to impart core skills to effectively write and pitch scripts for stage, tv or film.

Each participant will be challenged to write a scene at every meeting with the expectation that he or she will complete a dramatic work at the end of the workshop. The workshop will also give out practical advice on how a script can be produced.

Tentative workshop dates and time are the ten Saturdays from 30 April to 02 July 2011; 2-6pm. The venue of the workshop will be in the Origin8 offices along Araullo Street, San Juan, Metro Manila.

This workshop has limited available slots. Interested parties are encouraged to immediately submit a letter of intent to (Re: 3-N-1/ 10-10-10). Only for purposes of diagnostics, each participant is encouraged to submit with the letter a soft copy of a previously written stage, tv or film script (not necessarily produced). For inquiries: 7824454.

This was from the NBDB website.

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