Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FILCOLS Meets FEU Key Persons for Future IP Policy

"No dispute. No guide," said Dr. Richard P. Pulmones, the Director of University Research Center (URC) of the Far Eastern University Manila Campus.

He was referring to dispute about ownership of intellectual property or creation in the university. According to him, there was no dispute at all but there was no guide as well in case a dispute came up.

It could have been one of the reasons why FEU's executives decided to accept Filipinas Copyright Licensing Society's (FILCOLS) invitation for a meeting.

Dr. Pulmones, Dr. Barbara Wong Fernandez, the Vice-President for Academic Development, Ms. Agnes Malcampo of the Publication Office and Ms. Annabelle Verdote of the URC met with the FILCOLS team: Alvin J. Buenaventura, Executive Director, Beverly Siy, Executive Officer, Atty. Javier Flores and Atty. Kristina Castaneda, legal counsels last 19 July 2011 Institute of Arts and Sciences Conference Room, FEU, Manila.

As FILCOLS introduced the concept of copyright licensing to the FEU executives, the creation of the university's own Intellectual Property Policy was brought up. Dr. Pulmones also mentioned setting up an Ethics Committee that will also cover IP and copyright issues.

The need for a seminar on copyright and IP was also deemed important. According to Dr. Wong-Fernandez, a lot of FEU professors are also writers and producers of copyrighted materials. FILCOLS proposed to hold a Huntahan for their authors. The FEU team approved the idea and promised to check the school calendar for a possible date.

They also believe that it will be very beneficial to the school so that there will be clear rules and guidelines in the ownership of copyrighted materials. Examples are the artworks being produced by FEU artists/students, the marketing or business proposals written by the students and the text books developed and written by the professors.

The meeting ended with a promise of collaboration for the IP Policy of FEU, and eventually a licensing agreement with FILCOLS in the future. Which is a much, much better option than the no dispute, no guide situation.

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