Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Submission Guidelines for Grants from the National Book Development Trust Fund

Submission Guidelines for Grants from the
National Book Development Trust Fund

1.  The National Book Development Board (NBDB) is calling upon authors with
manuscripts for books with the following topics to apply for grants:

          a) Local history of a province written in English or Filipino;
          b) A novel written in Ilocano;
c) A biography written in Cebuano; and
d) Appropriate livelihood/New technologies in entrepreneurship.

      All applicants must note the conditions provided for in Rule VI Section 3 of the 
      Implementing Rules and Guidelines of RA 9521 (go to www.nbdb.gov.ph for the 

2.  The deadline for the submission of proposals/applications for a grant shall be August
     30, 2013.

3.  All manuscripts should be in 12-point type, with at least one-inch margins, and
     sequentially numbered pages in 8 1/2“ x 11” bond paper in quadruplicate copies.  A  
     digital copy should also be included in the submission.  The author’s name, address,  
     telephone number, and email address should be typed at the top of the first page.
     Contributors are asked to include a brief biographical note with their submissions.


a.     The applicant’s curriculum vitae (in the case of a juridical entity, its SEC, BIR, DTI and/or CDA registrations, as may be applicable, and the curriculum vitas of the authors of the proposed project);
b.     A sworn statement indicating that the applicant’s project is an original and unpublished work, and that the applicant has authored/produced the work;
c.     A proposal on the project to be undertaken; and
d.     Either of the following:
·       Quadruplicate copies and a digital copy of a draft equivalent to twenty-five percent (25%) or more of the entire manuscript, research or multimedia work in progress; or
·       Quadruplicate copies and a digital of a draft of the manuscript, research or multimedia work to be rewritten or improved upon prior to publication (such as, but not limited to, a thesis or dissertation to be rewritten into book form).

  1. Chosen authors will be given a grant of P200,000.00 each.  Grantees will be announced on a suitable date chosen by the NBDB.

  1. Should there be no manuscript of good quality as determined by constituted advisory committees on the chosen topics, the NBDB reserves the right not to award a grant to any applicant.

For further requirements, refer to the Rules and Regulations Implementing Republic Act No. 9521 which may be downloaded from www.nbdb.gov.ph.

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