Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Scriptwriting Workshop in Ateneo

Eugenio Lopez, Jr. Center for Multimedia Communication
Ateneo de Manila University

Writing For A Drama Series
A Nine-Week Workshop:  July 24 – September 25, 2013
Wednesdays, 10:00AM – 12:00NN
Workshop Fee:  Php 10,000
Register by July 22, 2013

Workshop Schedule
Master the Craft of Visual Storytelling
Create Characters we can care about 
Select Events to test their mettle
Design the World of the Story
Construct Great Scenes
Write Dialogue as Verbal Action

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hone your
screenwriting skills, join a Writers Group and
contribute to a drama series in development.

Week 1   Structure in a Drama Series
Week 2   Character & Cast Design
Week 3   Plot, Subplots, Plot Points
Week 4   World of the Story
Week 5   Rapid-Writing:  Theme, 
                  Premise, Conflict
Week 6   Dramatic Beats, Set-ups &
Week 7   Crafting Great Scenes
Week 8   Dialogue as Verbal Action
Week 9   Re-Writing

Please direct all queries and requests for Registration Forms to:
Limited to eight participants already familiar with the fundamentals of scriptwriting and have
completed a short film script or a one-act play.  

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Spring 2012
The Drama Series in Development
PREMISE:  “We all survive to fulfill our purpose.”
LOGLINE:  vigan is an epic tale about fate, free will and the nature of life; what’s
important and what we ought to care about interwoven with triumphs and hardships; magic,
sorcerers and earth spirits; justice and vengeance; jealousy and passion; love, friendship and
true kindness – all centered on four generations of a family whose destiny is entwined with
the city’s survival.

About the Workshop Facilitator…
Isabel Kenny is a filmmaker and an adjunct professor in the
Department of Communication at the Ateneo de Manila University. 
She has previously taught at Boston and Emerson Colleges in
Massachusetts, Loyola University of New Orleans and Montclair
State University in New Jersey.
She was a guest filmmaker-lecturer at the University of California
Los Angeles, New York University, University of Washington in
Seattle, Old Dominion University in Virginia and the Asian Division
of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.
She was a television producer-director-writer and on-air talent and
later an independent producer for the Public Broadcasting System
(PBS) in the U.S. and corporate executive director for programming
and advertising for a cable company in the Greater Boston area.
Ang pagtitiyap ng 
Realidad at mahika 


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