Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Can with ISBN, SN, MN

I Can with ISBN, SN, MN is one of the services being offered by FILCOLS to its member authors and publishers. Independent author/publishers that are members of FILCOLS may ask for assistance from FILCOLS in securing ISBN, SN and MN from the National Library (TNL).

The objectives:

1. To help speed up the publishing of works written by Filipinos.
2. To help FILCOLS members who would like to become independent publishers especially those members who are based in the regions.
3. To help disseminate information about ISBN, SN at MN and other services of National Library.

During the first meeting with FILCOLS held last 31 January 2011 in the office Yolanda Jacinto, Officer in Charge, TNL, represented by Jacinto, welcomed the service with warmth. In return, TNL offered a number of privileges to FILCOLS members as a token for this partnership.

1. Free Library ID
2. Free use of a particular place in TNL for literary or artistic events such as lectures, book launching, art exhibit and many more. TNL also offers other satellite branches of the National Library and other public libraries in the country as venue for free. TNL will tap these venues if any of the FILCOLS members wishes to hold events in a particular area (as long as there is no conflict in the schedule of the library.)
3. Free Information, Education and Communication materials from TNL.
4. TNL Cooperative is open to talks or negotiations if any of the FILCOLS members wishes to sell books in TNL.

For more information, email

IF YOU WISH TO BE A FILCOLS MEMBER, send us an email too!

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