Monday, February 28, 2011

FILCOLS Huntahan Q & A in IP TV

Last February 18, 2011, Intellectual Property TV introduced FILCOLS Huntahan, a new segment in the show.

The viewers get the chance to submit their concerns and questions about copyright and intellectual property. The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines will provide the answer.

For this week, Atty. Sara Suguitan presented this question:

If I want to translate into Filipino an English translation of a Pablo Neruda poem, do I need to ask permission and from whom? And who owns the copyright to the three poems?

IPOPHL says the Filipino translator has to seek permission from the English translator as the latter has independent copyright over the English translation. Pablo Neruda has copyright over the original. The English translator has the copyright over the English version and the Filipino translator has the copyright over the Filipino version.

It was in January when FILCOLS and IP TV agreed to feature a question about copyright and intellectual property in the television show.

To submit a question, email us: You don't need to include your name.

To watch IP TV in youtube, type gnnintellectualprpty in the search box.

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