Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The COPYRIGHT EDUCATION - LECTURE with FILCOLS (Filipinas Copyright Licensing Society) held last Feb. 10, 2012 at the Sky Deck, Cloud 9 Resort & Hotel, Antipolo City became an intimate gathering of authors/creators.

The attendees sat comfortably in the Sky Deck that was good for about 20 people. Among them were artists, writers and two art gallery owners who are also painters.

Ms. Precious Leano of Filipino Visual Arts and Design Rights Organization (FILVADRO) gave a talk on copyright basics and the artists rights over their works. She also spilled details about membership to FILVADRO. All of the participants signed up after she discussed the benefits of a FILVADRO member. She also announced that FILVADRO is now in the stage of licensing and collecting after she proposed a project that will use copyrighted works (visual art) to Department of Trade and Industry.

Ms. Leano also said that all sales of art works should be fully documented for easy monitoring in case of transfer of ownership. She encouraged everyone to be more aware and to practice this kind of system.

After her talk followed Mr. Alvin Buenaventura of FILCOLS. He discussed the potential income of authors especially the artists from the collection of an RRO like FILCOLS. The participants also signed up for FILCOLS membership.

After the program, sharing of ideas took place. FILCOLS encouraged the participants to produce more works in collaboration with other creators for a bigger impact. Zaldy Arboso, the chairman of Siyudad ng Antipolo Arts Guild, invited FILCOLS again for another collaboration to reach a wider audience in Antipolo.

This event was co-organized with SINAG and Cloud 9 Hotel Resort. SINAG is the first group of authors from Antipolo who signed automatic membership of their members to FILCOLS.

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