Thursday, August 15, 2013

Anvil Publishing offers you signed copies of Jess Robredo: Proud Nagueño Memories when you buy online.

This book is one of the many tributes by those who knew and loved him, in and from his hometown of Naga City, and who could write about it or otherwise be interviewed for their reminiscences or reflections about him—be it as Naga’s beloved son, brother, friend, classmate, coworker, leader, and father.
This book also provides the Nagueño perspective… It gives the national audience a better understanding of Naga’s proudness of Jess, as well as his proudness for Naga and why this was his Maogmang Lugar (happy place) that he kept coming home to.
“Our experience proves that our people are our best resource and our best hope. Our experiences, and that of many others, have shown that if we cannot do it at the national level, we can begin at the local level. Successful local governments, driven by constituencies who are well-informed, constructively engaged, and willing to share the burden of community building, can build our country. It just might be a matter of leading from the bottom rather than being herded by the top.” – JESSIE ROBREDO.+++

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